viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Young Jeezy - "Trap Star/Go Crazy" | VIDEO Y LETRA

I'm a t-r-a-p-s-t-ar
Got the city on lock, big shoes on the car
And she likes it (she likes it nigga)
And she likes it (chyeah)
(Lets get it) Got the city on smash
Streets on click clock
Eighty grand just to see the Jacob go tick tock
I'm so materialistic, so well connected
Just ask about it, so well respected
Run the streets all day I don't get no sleep
Eat at Spun dinners four times a week
Bucket of crab legs, Slick had the lobsters
I'm the real deal these other niggaz imposters
Popping Gold Bond, yeah I took them sips
50 in the trunk, yeah I took those trips
Keep the white girl, yeah forever my lady
Two grand flat get ya four and a baby, c'mon

I'm a t-r-a-p-s-t-ar
Got the streets on lock, big shoes on the car
And she likes it (she likes it, she likes it)
And she likes it
I'm a t-r-a-p-s-t-ar
Keep money in the suites, copt groups from the bar
And she likes it (she likes it, chyeah,
And she likes it(She likes it, she likes it)

Slide through the hood to just to check my dough
Trap-star fresh from head to toe (toe)
From toe to ear the kicks match the cap
Black T-shirt, yeah it match the strap
The stones in the watch, yeah they match the chain
New Jordans on his feet, Snowman's the name
Fresh out the paint shop threw the fo's on it
Now the Chevy got Lamborghini doors on it
Mix the Grey Goose with the cranberry juices
Nigga can't you tell I really sold those deuces
The squares are white, the tape is black
The wait is over, the real is back


Lil momma wanna holla at a pimp
My money true straight, I don't walk witta limp
It ain't hard girl just use ya head
Slices stacked up, I got colonial bread
Now she off the chain, yeah she so erotic
Purple Mango, yeah its so exotic
No punch lines (nope) no riddles
Im talking white squares with the steps in the middle
You know me, take the good with the bad
Cant complain the Porsche came with the rag
And the chopper came with extra clips
So when you niggaz outta line we can extra flip

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