viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Young Jeezy - "Who dat" | VIDEO Y LETRA

(Yeah y'all must done lost y'all mind)
Shawty Redd on the track (Aye bruh)
What's happenin' home
(they rappin' like you makin' beats like me)
I hear em nigga Shawty Redd on the track

I trap all day trap all night
Money all day
I got money all night

Why they keep sayin' yeah
I don't even know. I got court tomorrow.
I don't need to go. I don't need a show.
I got shit to do. Only God can judge me
Who the fuck is you?
They say who dat?

Nigga we dat
Today is trey day so I guess I'm tryin' to three dat
Never have I ever served a nigga where he sleep at
D's be at ya door nigga you ain't tryin' to see that
See my suicide watch stay on suicide watch
Kill yaself yeah them suicide rocks
Had the nerve to write me a dear
Young letter
Killin' em
Young you shoulda known better
I paid too much you niggas play too much
Let the swag do the talking
I don't say too much
You niggas sayin' too much
Mr. 17.5 you niggas payin' too much

They say who dat?
Nigga we dat
Shawty redd on the track
They say who dat?
Nigga we dat
Reportin' live from the trap
They say who dat?
Nigga we dat
Shawty redd on the track
They say who dat?
Nigga we dat
Young live from the trap

I don't chase no broads
I chase money and power
Next time I reup I'm a buy me a chopper
And I ain't talkin AK's I'm talkin' shit wit propellers
Fly to the club make my old bitch jealous
Thug motivation this is straight celebration
I see Gizzle in his chopper outside Central Station
This ain't a mixtape but the tape's mixed
Black tape red tape all on one brick
Get it on the flo' get get it on the flo
Last night I swear to God half a mil on the flo
Fell asleep on the money like a pillow on the flo
Woke up got money had to get it off the flo

What you know about twenty grand stuffed in a white sock
Pull off in a white drop like I play for the White Sox
Play wit them white blocks play wit them white squares
You call it what you want who the fuck cares?
I don't never sleep, why? too paranoid, OK
State of paranoia all I do is call my lawyer
Tell em I know them niggas that might have a lil' trouble
OK you knows me if you beat it I pay you double
Y'all niggas knows me if I want to I make it double
Just know it's water whipped so you might have a lil' trouble
Might move a little slower might get a few complaints
Say he ran outta gas he might need a half a tank
Thank God it's Friday fresh off the highway
Seen too many's out he bout to pull in the driveway
Where? In the driveway
Take the work out, cut the duct tape
Check the work out, young!

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